★ Is the Kindle Store 1000 Times Better Than Apple’s iBooks and Smashwords?

Probably not. But the data for sales of my novel, Déjà Vu, which I’ve published on the Kindle, iBooks and Smashwords, point to a sales ratio of about 1000:1. Kindle Sales Déjà Vu unit sales per month, beginning in March, are: 320, 938, 915, 738, 844, 643 and 581. Smashwords (this includes Barnes and Noble, […]

Brass Tacks on Déjà Vu and Flashback

Did I mention that I’ve been gate-crashing Scott Pack’s blog with some stats on my how well my books are selling? Your friend and mine, Scott, left me a message at our usual dead drop – behind the third cervical vertebra of the diplodocus in the foyer of the Natural History Museum. In somewhat breathless […]