An Interview with Proper Job’s Narrator, Dave Bignell

My audiobook, Proper Job, is finally finished! It is somewhat redundant to say that it wouldn’t exist without my producer/actor, Dave Bignell, but without his help, enthusiasm, and perseverance, and creative input, I wouldn’t be as proud of the final product. Since producing an audiobook is a dark art, I thought I’d interview Dave for […]

It’s Proper Job All Over Again

Proper Job is a book what I wrote based, indirectly, on my experiences of surviving (more or less) my student days when I was an ice-cream man. The book was great fun to write. Finishing it, I thought I’d discovered my natural genre–comedy–and I was probably correct, though most of my published output since then […]

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell: An Audiobook

For the past month, my chores, commutes – and those sleepy minutes before nightly unconsciousness – have been filled by the voice of Simon Prebble reading Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, a novel published in spoken form by Audible. It is 32 hours in length, unabridged, and costs £52For the sake of pity, don’t pay […]