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  1. Many thanks! If you could see your way to writing a brief review on the Kindle store, I’d appreciate it.

    With best wishes

  2. I know I should use this as opportunity to suck up and fawn over your fine work with numerous platitudes but you really are bloody annoying. And I mean annoying for the publishers. Why? Because you have proven to every writer with ” I haven’t got it” or “no-one will read my crap” syndrome that you have the means to publish and let the reader decide if it’s crap. The mogul commissioning editors have had their day and fine works such as yours can finally see the light of day. OK just one bit of praise; Saskia is a very adoptable character, well wriiten and obviously complex, while reading Flashback, I liked her, then didn’t, then did again – superb reading experience, thank you. I’m off to write something suitably admiring on the Kindle Store. Then I open the door to the Amber Rooms. Such fun.

  3. Thanks for your comment, Ian. I should change the byline of my blog: Annoying publishers since 2011… 🙂

  4. I finished the Amber Rooms last night and really enjoyed it, even with the change in style. The way you presented everything from Saskia’s viewpoint without lots of background information from the narrator to fill things in was excellent, reminiscent of the way CJ Cherryh treats characters (which is high praise in my book). I hope to see more in the future, but understand that this can be really draining with real life commitments. I posted a review on Amazon too. Thanks, Dom.

  5. Hi Dom – Many thanks for the kind words and the review. I haven’t come across CJ Cherryh, but I’ll check him/her out. Thanks again – always great to read an interesting review.

    With best wishes

  6. Ian – I have now read all three Saskia Brandt books. I have read all sorts of sci-fi for more than 40 years and I’d put them right up there in terms of ‘must buys’.

    When I noticed that Amber Rooms had come out I bought it instantly – as I would an Iain M Banks Culture book. If it had been £10 I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid (as it is a full length work). And I wasn’t disappointed when I read it.

    I think that you undervalue your work a bit. Perhaps the first book in a series has to be priced cheaply as a ‘hook’, but I think you could then charge more than £1.99 for Flashback and certainly more for the longer Amber Rooms.

    If you are too burnt out to spend the huge amount of time and work required for a full length book 4 then you can use the flexibility of Kindle to throw out a novella or two to keep us, your ravening fans, happy for a couple of quid a pop.

    I expect that the quality of your writing, word of mouth and the fact that they are in the sci-fi mystery thriller genre will mean you keep getting good sales for years to come…and you deserve them…

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