The ‘Arisen’ Series

I’m not sure when I first encountered Michael Stephen Fuchs. I believe he responded to my review of Transparent Imprint, a book by Michael Barnard on the establishment of MacMillan New Writing. MNW included Matt Curran, Roger Morris and Aliya Whiteley, as well as Fuchs himself.

Fuchs was writing philosophical thrillers. His first, called The Manuscript, was a take on the ‘little green bag’ story, where various factions were fighting to obtain the secret of life. Fuchs’s book was rough-edged, but solid, and I gave it a blurb.

Fuchs went on to partner with Glynn James. They produced a series of digital novellas (the ‘Arisen’ series) for the Kindle. A few days ago, I heard that Fuchs and James have landed an audiobook deal with Podium Publishing. This is great news. Fuchs has been walking a long, hard road with his fiction and it’s good to see him make a success of it.

If you’ve read my novel, Déjà Vu, and like technothrillers, you’d probably like the Arisen series. It starts with Book One: Fortress Britain

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