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My Google radar pinged back this review of Proper Job on Cornish Literature, a blog run by a chap called Lee Broderick. It’s an interesting perspective on the book; Lee is most interested in its Cornishness, whereas I’m focusing more on the comedy. Some thoughtful comments.

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  1. Thanks for flagging this Ian. I’m actually a little sorry to hear that you’re not intending to write any more comic fiction: I actually rated this higher than the other comic fiction I read recently, ‘Two Left Feet’ by P.G. Wodehouse. I completely understand though if your other books are selling that much better.

  2. Thanks, Lee. Actually, I am intending to write another in the new year, time permitting, and it’ll be another St Austell story. Still ironing out the details…

  3. I have come to this a bit late but have just read Proper Job having found it on kindle. G and afraid to say that I did not read i in any other way than for complete enjoyment. One of the funniest books I have read in a long time! As a Cornish girl living near St Austell it struck lots of chords with me!! And as for that reviewer saying the cricket reference would not be understood by many Cornish people he clearly has no idea just how much cricket is played in the county!! I understood the reference perfectly! I also recognised many of the character types in the story – tourists and locals alike!! Please write more comedy like this – even though reading it in public meant I got some very weird looks!!

  4. Thanks for your kind words, Mt! I do plan to write more like this, though it seems at the moment that my science fiction is the more successful of the genres… I’ve based the character somewhat on my memories of growing up in Cornwall (lived there until I was 18) and my experience of selling ice-cream all over the places. Many of the more zany incidents in the book are based on real events (which makes me shudder when I look back now!). Glad you enjoyed the book.

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