Hi, I’m Ian.

I live in Canterbury with my wife and several gerbils.

Following a successful career in academic psychology researching psycholinguistics and creativity1, I’m now looking for opportunities and challenges in my first love, software development. I enrolled on the University of Kent’s MSc in Computer Science in September 2019 and aim to graduate in September 20212. I’m currently working as a macOS/iOS intern at Literature and Latte.

Are you on the lookout for a coder who comes with fully developed research skills, several years’ successful leadership experience, and is passionate about coding? Check out my CV/PhD and, if you like, have your people talk to my people.

Are you looking for my old blog This Writing Life? It lives! But is seldom updated.

Take care!

  1. Google Scholar profile [return]
  2. Covering computer architecture, Java and OOP, web and information systems (PHP, Javascript, SQL), logic programming, software engineering, and machine learning. [return]