The Amber Rooms Free

It’s that time again when I go crazy and make a book free. For the next few days, it’s The Amber Rooms (UK Amazon link, US), the third adventure in the increasingly mysterious life of time traveller Saskia Brandt. In this book, she learns more about the nature of her time paradox, and a great deal about Tsarist Russia and how to get along with revolutionaries.

Readers are saying:

Truly a masterful read.

Beautiful sequel.

The plot is one of the most imaginative I have come across in quite a while. Time travel at its best!

The amber rooms cover

Published by Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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  1. Dan Brown is going to shoot me and leave my body in a position that indicates—to those who know the code—not to mess with Dan Brown.

    If you like the book, a review on Amazon would be great….

    Thanks for stopping by,


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