Red Star Falling is out now

Well, m’readers, Red Star Falling–book one in my Agents Temporal series–is now available from that large Luxembourg-based company we all love to hate. Thanks to everyone who helped me get this out the door.

The mysterious organisation known only by its initials: Meta.

The missing 100,000 roubles of the 1907 Yerevan Square Expropriation and its smuggler, the Georgian outlaw known as Soso.

Meta Agent Singular, Saskia Brandt, on a mission from the future.

The north face of the Eiger—treacherous, unclimbed, enshadowed—waiting for the money, the outlaw, and the Agent Singular.

Agent Singular: Particular. Special. One-shot.

Saskia Brandt returns in this action-packed story from the writer of bestseller Déjà Vu.

Red star falling cover

Published by Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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