By happy accident, I find myself in an Internet cafe in Canterbury (I’m in a very gloomy corner, face lit by the glow of the laptop keyboard and screen). Progress report: Still no phone, therefore no real Internet access; interested to note that I’ll be teaching introductory psychology for six hours per week, starting next week; learning the administrative ropes of Christchurch Uni; looking forward to the arrival of a friend later tonight.

Serendipitously, I’ve just received word from the good Neil Ayres that a new magazine (stewarded by him and some colleagues) has been launched. It’s called Serendipity, and you can read it for free here. Notably, it contains a short story by upcoming author Aliya Whiteley and an interview from down-at-heel pen-for-hire Ian Hocking with David Mitchell – thanks to Postmodern Housewife for transcribing it. Read and enjoy. Then leave a comment on the blog and tell them how much you enjoyed it.

…Returning to my gloomy corner.

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  1. Oh good. You haven’t made that grockly gaffe of mistaking a Kentish Man for a Man of Kent, and been lynched.

    That Serendipity link doesn’t work, btw. You can get there via the blog link, but it’s more faff.

    And while you were away I wrote about Flowers for Algernon.

  2. Hi, Ian,

    Just a quick one to note those links don’t work, but you were in an Internet cafe, so I’ll let you off.

  3. Thanks for the comments, everyone. I’ve updated the links… Tim, great. I’ll check out the article…

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