Here’s an email from my dad that I just had to put on the web:

The Yellow pages have to be delivered to all premises with a phone this includes houses , business ,farms etc.on your printed route.

The area I did was from burngullow north of sticker to luney ,penstrasso, trencreek, pengelly, hewaswater,lower sticker, glenliegh park, and of course the whole of sticker some 500 odd books to be delivered.

You cannot leave them on the door step you have to hand them to the occupier which is a real pain and takes ages I started deliveries at midday on weds and finished off yesterday!!!!

What an experience it was and left me thinking is it really worth the hassle? do people know where they live?, some are not very sure ,do they they know the number or name of their house? how can there be 56 houses listed in a street of 52? who moved the missing 4 to the other side of the village?why did I have a place in foxhole on my route? who built houses at the end of long muddy lanes? who was the bright spark who decided to have the Yellow Pages delivered in January? need I go on and on and on!!!

As I said what an experience it was and it was not all doom and gloom I had the opportunity to visit all the houses in our area and generally meet some great people, many I”ve not met for years, and have a laugh, generally it was at my expense.

Contrary to local rumour I was not bitten by a dog once, good boy good boy nice doggie, though many of them made a lot of noise probably due to my wolly hat!!!

This is Mike Hocking, for YELLOW PAGES, in a farm lane, stuck in the mud, wet through,blowing a gale, frozen stiff, and still can”t find the bloody farm house.

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