Wheat, Meet Chaff. Chaff, Meet Wheat.

Scott Pack on the influx of self-pub­lished work to ebooks:

So I wel­come this influx, these pre­vi­ously unpub­lished hoards.

There’s more:

And here’s the thing: a ‘tra­di­tion­al’ deal is still the goal of most of these authors. OK, so there are many who have eschewed the sys­tem and will con­tin­ue to do so but the major­ity would love the cred­ib­il­ity, sup­port and, er, lower roy­alty rate that a deal with one of the major pub­lish­ing houses would bring. Most do feel that pub­lish­ers add value and see the self-pub­lish­ing option as a new route to being ‘dis­covered’. And if they remain undis­covered they are still able make a few quid, which can soften the blow.

I guess I’m one of these authors look­ing for a tra­di­tion­al deal. Frankly, I’d rather have pro­fes­sion­als take care of the cov­er, copy­ed­it­ing, and so on. Many e-self-pub­lished writers feel this way. That’s the major plus against the minus of lower roy­al­ties.

Confessions of a GP

Scott Pack, of The Friday Project, has been shar­ing some sales data on one of his most suc­cess­ful titles, Confessions of a GP.

Last week an ebook by an author you’ve prob­ably nev­er heard of cel­eb­rated one full year in both the Kindle and iBooks best­seller charts, and did so firmly ensconced in the Top 10 of both.

I’m still not sure about the eth­ic­al grounds for this book — which is a polite way of say­ing that I don’t see how it could have been writ­ten without com­prom­ising patient con­fid­en­ti­al­ity. Is it fic­tion­al? However, the data are inter­est­ing.

Caroline Smailes and Black Boxes

This morn­ing, I blew my nose, and — being one of those people who checks — saw that the con­tents were blue-black. Ah, yes: A trip to London last night. The reas­on? Caroline Smailes, a British author pub­lished by The Friday Project, had launched her latest book, Black Boxes, at the Borders in Oxford Street, and I’d toddled along to get a signed copy and meet the author.
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