The Amber Rooms Free

It’s that time again when I go crazy and make a book free. For the next few days, it’s The Amber Rooms (UK Amazon link, US), the third adventure in the increasingly mysterious life of time traveller Saskia Brandt. In this book, she learns more about the nature of her time paradox, and a great deal about Tsarist Russia and how to get along with revolutionaries.

Readers are saying:

Truly a masterful read.

Beautiful sequel.

The plot is one of the most imaginative I have come across in quite a while. Time travel at its best!

The amber rooms cover

The Amber Rooms Out Now

In May, 2008, I created a Twitter account for the heroine of my science fiction novels, Saskia Brandt. Her first tweet:

Entering St Petersburg via train. There are men from the Third Section in the next carriage and I think I might need to jump off.

Cut to yesterday afternoon, when I uploaded the final version of The Amber Rooms to the Kindle store. I still can’t quite believe that the book is out in the world and no longer in my head. For the past five years (beginning drafts in 2007), I used most of my spare brain power—and some that wasn’t spare—to figure out solutions to plot and characterisation problems. Now, I get my evenings and weekends back.

You can download The Amber Rooms from the UK or US Amazon stores. Until 25th December, books one and two are free.

Cut to 1907, night, and a train approaching St Petersburg. On that train, Saskia Brandt is running for her life.

The Amber Rooms by Ian Hocking