Page 123

Paul Raven, over at the Velcro City Tourist Board, has tagged me with a meme. Here’s what the meme, which ori­gin­ates here, tells me to do:

To par­ti­cip­ate, you grab any book, go to page 123, find the fifth sen­tence, and blog it. Then tag five people.”

So, here goes. This is the fifth sen­tence of page 123 from a book grabbed at ran­dom from my book­shelf:

He asked us where we were going.

This is taken from Eric Newby’s A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush, which is a lovely, life-affirm­ing travel book that scared the hell out of me with all its talk of heights.

I’m going to tag: Debra Hamel, Roland Hulme, Petrona, Roger Morris, and Scott Pack.

I can’t res­ist see­ing what’s on magic page 123 of my own nov­el. Here it is:

It killed Shimoda out­right.

The Friday Project

It seems as though The Friday Project — a new­ish, small pub­lish­er bent on pub­lish­ing blog- and web-related con­tent — has been picked up by HarperCollins, end­ing some (yes, fever­ish) spec­u­la­tion.

HC [HarperCollins] bought TFP’s web­site, name and author con­tracts for an undis­closed sum from admin­is­trat­or Panos Eliades, Franklin and Company. TFP will be housed in the Press Books wing of HC, with pub­lish­ing dir­ect­or Clare Christian, pub­lish­er Scott Pack and man­aging edit­or Heather Smith report­ing to Press Books m.d. John Bond.

A few months back, Scott Pack expressed an interest in pick­ing up Deja Vu. It didn’t come to much — best all round, I think — but TFP seems like a genu­ine out­fit. I hope the man­age­ment finds suc­cess under the HarperCollins aus­pice.

Via The Bookseller