New Strange Places: An Interview with Tom Saunders

Tom Saunders is that rare beast. He writes only short fic­tion. Rarer still, his short fic­tion is con­sist­ently excel­lent. His first antho­logy Brother, What Strange Place is This? (2004), received rave reviews upon pub­lic­a­tion, such as my own in Spike Magazine:

This fine col­lec­tion should prove thought-pro­vok­ing and sad, music­al and ener­vat­ing. A kal­eido­scope of lives, twis­ted but bright, and a worthy debut.

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Roof Whirl Away by Tom Saunders

Some four years ago, I reviewed the first short story col­lec­tion of m’colleague Tom Saunders over at Spike Magazine. That was plain naughty, because our books were pub­lished by the same house, but I liked the stor­ies so much that I had to write the review. Tom is not the kind of writer you’ll in the pages of a lit­er­ary chat sheetMeow. (And yet purr.) because he devotes his ener­gies full time to his stor­ies. It shows.

I’m happy to report that m’t’other col­league Roger Morris has reviewed Tom’s latest short fic­tion col­lec­tion Roof Whirl Away over at WriteWords.

Overall, what impresses most is the sheer range. Saunders is able to enter into the lives of his diverse char­ac­ters, from a king’s favour­ite dwarf to an ali­en life form, with great com­pas­sion and com­mit­ment.

Roof Whirl Away by Tom Saunders

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