★ A Gentle Tweet

As some of you might know, m’friend Roger Morris has joined that Web 2.0 band of authors what seri­al­ise their nov­els via Twitter.

It’s true, get­ting a sen­tence or a frag­ment every hour — that’s how I am now schedul­ing my tweets — is not like sit­ting down and read­ing an exten­ded sec­tion of the book through. You won’t neces­sar­ily remem­ber what went before. The text will work on the read­er in a dif­fer­ent way — but I am inter­ested to see just how.

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Roger Morris: On the Page and in your Ears

My read­ing life has been trans­formed by the dis­cov­ery of audiobooks. There’s noth­ing quite like hav­ing a tal­en­ted act­or per­form a text. I pleased to announce, then, that Roger Morris’s book A Vengeful LongingDisclosure: I haven’t read any of Roger’s St Petersburg nov­els because I’m writ­ing (edit­ing, rather) my own. But I have read his excel­lent Taking Comfort and thor­oughly enjoyed it. is avail­able in audio format.
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Live at the BBC

Well, alright, not the BBC. Phoenix FM, actu­ally. M’colleague Roger (of his plog) has released the audio of a radio inter­view from a few days back. You can listen to it here. In it, he dis­cusses the gen­es­is of his St Petersburg nov­elsIs every­body writ­ing bloody St Petersburg nov­els?Actually, Roger star­ted it. and his fond­ness for Dostoyevsky.