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Proper Job Free Today and Tomorrow

I’m invest­ig­at­ing this Kindle Select busi­ness, which is a new ser­vice offered by Amazon that allows Kindle authors to put their books for­ward for a lend­ing scheme. The catch is that Amazon requires such an author to pub­lish via the Kindle plat­form exclus­ively. Not such a catch for me, as I sell, on aver­age, zero books elsewhere.

Once an author’s book is in the Kindle Select pro­gramme, it is eli­gible for five days of free pro­mo­tion every ninety days. So, as an exper­i­ment, I’m mak­ing my novel Proper Job free for today and tomor­row, just to see what happens.

Update at 11:30

I was con­cerned about what would hap­pen to the rank of a pro­moted book. That is, when being pro­moted, at what pos­i­tion would the book enter the ‘free’ chart? Would it even go into the ‘free’ chart, or just be marked as ‘free’ in the paid chart? After the pro­mo­tion, at what pos­i­tion would it re-enter the paid chart?

Well, Proper Job has essen­tially had its rank­ing stripped. It no longer has a rank­ing accord­ing to its Amazon inform­a­tion page, and on the KDP dash­board (the back-end that authors have access to), the rank­ing inform­a­tion is marked as ‘unavail­able’. So it looks as though pro­moted books are de-indexed.

However, this doesn’t mean that people can’t find the book. 14 cop­ies were ‘sold’ in the US since it became free; and 26 in the UK. To put that in per­spect­ive, I’ve sold at 86p only 34 cop­ies of Proper Job since it was pub­lished in November.

I’ll post more data here as it becomes available.

Update at 12:00

Amazon has now indexed Proper Job in the ‘free’ chart, so I guess there isn’t a ‘limbo’ chart after all. The delay is almost cer­tainly a lag due to data­base updates and let­ting an hour’s worth of ‘sales’ accrue to com­pute the new ranking.

As a data point, Proper Job was ranked at pos­i­tion 8,299 in yesterday’s paid chart and is now at 1, 665 in the free chart. That’s for the UK. In the US, the rank­ing is still classed as unknown.

Update at 20:30

Now ranked at 862 in the US for free books, and 34 in the Humor chart. In the UK, it’s at 304 in the over­all chart and 18 in the Humour chart. US sales: 183. UK sales: 92.