Stash in the Attic

It’s September, it’s get­ting chilly, and there’s a meme going around. This one comes from the nose of Aliya Whiteley, author of Light Reading (and much more). The the Vampire Lestat who infec­ted her is David Isaak. On his blog, he asked, ‘What is in your unpub­lish­able pile?
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What’s the story, Hocking?

It’s been an embar­rass­ingly long time since I updated this blog. The last prop­er entry was pos­ted on the 17th of March. While there are sev­er­al reas­ons for the slow down — a trip to Germany, a ton of stu­dent mark­ing — the chief prob­lem is that this blog is meant to doc­u­ment my writ­ing life and, to put it plainly, I haven’t had much of a writ­ing life recently.
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