Spain? ‘La La La La’? Really?

This is hil­ari­ously sin­is­ter. Eurovision has decided to ban coun­tries who dis­close the iden­tity of those who vote in the Eurovision Song Contest. According to the BBC:

It comes after a num­ber of people in Azerbaijan were ques­tioned by police after vot­ing for a song by neigh­bour­ing Armenia in this year’s con­test.

One bloke had been told he was a ‘poten­tial secur­ity threat’ for send­ing a text back­ing Armenia’s song, Jan Jan.

The art­icle goes on:

The country’s author­it­ies said people had merely been invited to explain why they voted for Armenia.

Reminds me of post-revolu­tion­ary France, where people were merely invited to have a lie down on a bench and enjoy the sights and sounds of Paris from the com­fort of a straw-filled bas­ket.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Eurovision changes pri­vacy rule