Writers Needed For Science!

As some of you might know, I’m an experimental psychologist. I’m currently running an online experiment for which I need writers. It takes just over half an hour – I’m afraid I can’t pay you, but you might find the experiment fun, and you’ll be doing your bit for science!

If you’re interested, do read on:

The experiment will ask you to continue writing a scene after a brief genre-based prompt to get you going. You’ll do this three times. There’s also a brief pre-experiment questionnaire and post-experiment questionnaire. Your participation is entirely voluntary and you can stop at any time.

There’s more detailed information on the experiment page itself, which you can get to via this link:


Merlin Mann on creativity

Merlin Mann will be well known to the Mac-using readers of this blog. For those who don’t recognise his name, Merlin has long been associated with productivity and creativity. I’ve just finished watching his Macworld 2009 talk. He examines the dichotomy between being creative and wanting to be.
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