So this will be two posts in a row about the author Caroline SmailesCaroline, if you’re read­ing this, could you please put an apo­strophe after your name in the title of your web­site? It’s mak­ing me very tense., which is tan­tamount to cyber stalk­ing, but I’ve dis­covered that Caroline (and her hus­band, Gary, him­self an author) provides an online ment­or­ing and ‘word pol­ish­ing’ ser­vice over at BubbleCow.
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Caroline Smailes and Black Boxes

This morn­ing, I blew my nose, and — being one of those people who checks — saw that the con­tents were blue-black. Ah, yes: A trip to London last night. The reas­on? Caroline Smailes, a British author pub­lished by The Friday Project, had launched her latest book, Black Boxes, at the Borders in Oxford Street, and I’d toddled along to get a signed copy and meet the author.
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