★ A Moment in Berlin and Other Stories

This week, I’ve published my third Kindle book, A Moment in Berlin and Other Stories. It’s shorter than the first two, and falls into both the ‘story story’ and ‘literary fiction’ domains, so I don’t expect it to generate anything like the sales or reader feedback of Déjà Vu and Flashback. However, it feels good to get it out there.

A Moment in Berlin and Other Stories

I bought the cover image from iStockPhoto, searching for “Berlin”. It cost me £50 to purchase the image at a good resolution. I’m allowed to reproduce it no more than 499,999 times – which is certainly doable. I blew up the image using Pixelmator, applied a depth-of-field filter to blur out the top right and bottom left portions of the picture, and increased the saturation along the diagonal.

It’s currently on sale at the lowest price Amazon offers (86p). I would prefer something lower, given that Déjà Vu is selling for the same amount, but I think 86p is a fair enough price for four short stories.

The stories are, of course, horribly depressing.