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  1. Many thanks! If you could see your way to writ­ing a brief review on the Kindle store, I’d appre­ci­ate it.

    With best wishes

  2. I know I should use this as oppor­tun­ity to suck up and fawn over your fine work with numer­ous plat­it­udes but you really are bloody annoy­ing. And I mean annoy­ing for the pub­lish­ers. Why? Because you have proven to every writer with ” I haven’t got it” or “no-one will read my crap” syn­drome that you have the means to pub­lish and let the read­er decide if it’s crap. The mogul com­mis­sion­ing edit­ors have had their day and fine works such as yours can finally see the light of day. OK just one bit of praise; Saskia is a very adopt­able char­ac­ter, well wriiten and obvi­ously com­plex, while read­ing Flashback, I liked her, then didn’t, then did again — superb read­ing exper­i­ence, thank you. I’m off to write some­thing suit­ably admir­ing on the Kindle Store. Then I open the door to the Amber Rooms. Such fun.

  3. Thanks for your com­ment, Ian. I should change the byline of my blog: Annoying pub­lish­ers since 2011… 🙂

  4. I fin­ished the Amber Rooms last night and really enjoyed it, even with the change in style. The way you presen­ted everything from Saskia’s view­point without lots of back­ground inform­a­tion from the nar­rat­or to fill things in was excel­lent, remin­is­cent of the way CJ Cherryh treats char­ac­ters (which is high praise in my book). I hope to see more in the future, but under­stand that this can be really drain­ing with real life com­mit­ments. I pos­ted a review on Amazon too. Thanks, Dom.

  5. Hi Dom — Many thanks for the kind words and the review. I haven’t come across CJ Cherryh, but I’ll check him/her out. Thanks again — always great to read an inter­est­ing review.

    With best wishes

  6. Ian — I have now read all three Saskia Brandt books. I have read all sorts of sci-fi for more than 40 years and I’d put them right up there in terms of ‘must buys’.

    When I noticed that Amber Rooms had come out I bought it instantly — as I would an Iain M Banks Culture book. If it had been £10 I wouldn’t have bat­ted an eye­lid (as it is a full length work). And I wasn’t dis­ap­poin­ted when I read it.

    I think that you under­value your work a bit. Perhaps the first book in a series has to be priced cheaply as a ‘hook’, but I think you could then charge more than £1.99 for Flashback and cer­tainly more for the longer Amber Rooms.

    If you are too burnt out to spend the huge amount of time and work required for a full length book 4 then you can use the flex­ib­il­ity of Kindle to throw out a novella or two to keep us, your raven­ing fans, happy for a couple of quid a pop.

    I expect that the qual­ity of your writ­ing, word of mouth and the fact that they are in the sci-fi mys­tery thrill­er genre will mean you keep get­ting good sales for years to come…and you deserve them…

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