Reading at the Sidney Cooper Gallery

I had a won­der­ful time last Wednesday night read­ing from the Unsung Stories edi­tion of Déjà Vu. The event formed part of the Writing Comes Alive pro­gramme, which is sponsored by Canterbury Christ Church University.

It’s always a bit tricky mak­ing these occa­sions inter­est­ing. My golden rules were to read short extracts (two, totalling about twenty minutes) and be as friendly as pos­sible dur­ing the ques­tion-and-answer ses­sion.

Many thanks to the Sidney Cooper Gallery, Andrew Palmer for com­per­ing, and Craig Dadds for all his sup­port.


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In Defence of Readers

Mandy Brown writes a thought­ful post on read­ing in the digit­al age.

The web is still a noisy, crowded place—but it’s also lim­it­less, and surely we can find space enough for reading—a space where the text speaks to the read­er and the read­er does not strain to hear.

The top­ic of online read­ing skills sur­faces reg­u­larly among my uni­ver­sity col­leagues. Are the kids get­ting worse? Continue read­ing “In Defence of Readers”