Light Reading – Not

A couple of weeks ago (back in the days of my old blog), I wrote a post about the launch party for Aliya Whiteley’s latest book. I first ‘met’ Aliya on the writers’ workshop and forum UKAuthors site. Later, Aliya edited my first book, Déjà Vu; and yet it was only two weeks ago that I found out how to pronounce her name correctly.
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Real Magic

I want to inaugurate this new blog with a few thoughts on magic and storytelling.Some weeks back, the film The Prestige fell through my letterbox via LoveFilm. It’s a production of the Nolan siblings, Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan. The film stars Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale as viciously competitive magicians whose attempts at one-upmanship reach brutal heights only minutes in. Continue reading Real Magic