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About Me

Portrait of Ian Hocking (c) Mimika Cooney 2004

(c) Mimika Cooney 2004

My name is Ian Hocking. As well as being a writer, I work as a Teaching Fellow at the University of Exeter's School of Psychology. I'm also an Associate Lecturer at the Open University, and Psychology Section Editor for the UK's Social Science Information Gateway (SOSIG).

My writing encompasses genre and non-genre fiction from the future to the present day, and sometimes the past. I'm interested in the impact of determinism and technology on individuals and society. And ice-cream.

Listen to me discuss my writing with Radio Ryedale's Camilla Romaine. (December 2004)

Listen to me interviewed by Emma Lloyd on BBC Radio Cornwall. Available in Windows Media format, Real Media format, and MP3. (April 2005)

Please feel free to contact me.

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