Advertising for Independent Writers

Via Alex Roddie, I came across an art­icle on Cult of Me that offers some thoughts on online advert­ising. This is one of many things that inde­pend­ent writers need to con­sider, and there isn’t much data about the effect­ive­ness of dif­fer­ent sites and advert­ising meth­ods.

My own advert­ising has been lim­ited to Goodreads and Facebook. Goodreads is expens­ive, as Michael Brookes says, and prob­ably not all that effect­ive. Facebook has a nice inter­face and allows you tar­get your advert so pre­cisely that you’ll feel dirty. (I did, and left Facebook shortly after­wards.)

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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