The Amber Rooms Free

It’s that time again when I go crazy and make a book free. For the next few days, it’s The Amber Rooms (UK Amazon link, US), the third adven­ture in the increas­ingly mys­ter­i­ous life of time trav­el­ler Saskia Brandt. In this book, she learns more about the nature of her time para­dox, and a great deal about Tsarist Russia and how to get along with revolu­tion­ar­ies.

Readers are say­ing:

Truly a mas­ter­ful read.

Beautiful sequel.

The plot is one of the most ima­gin­at­ive I have come across in quite a while. Time travel at its best!

The amber rooms cover

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

2 thoughts on “The Amber Rooms Free”

  1. Dan Brown is going to shoot me and leave my body in a pos­i­tion that indicates—to those who know the code—not to mess with Dan Brown.

    If you like the book, a review on Amazon would be great.…

    Thanks for stop­ping by,


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