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  1. Thanks for flag­ging this Ian. I’m actu­ally a little sorry to hear that you’re not intend­ing to write any more com­ic fic­tion: I actu­ally rated this high­er than the oth­er com­ic fic­tion I read recently, ‘Two Left Feet’ by P.G. Wodehouse. I com­pletely under­stand though if your oth­er books are selling that much bet­ter.

  2. Thanks, Lee. Actually, I am intend­ing to write anoth­er in the new year, time per­mit­ting, and it’ll be anoth­er St Austell story. Still iron­ing out the details…

  3. I have come to this a bit late but have just read Proper Job hav­ing found it on kindle. G and afraid to say that I did not read i in any oth­er way than for com­plete enjoy­ment. One of the fun­ni­est books I have read in a long time! As a Cornish girl liv­ing near St Austell it struck lots of chords with me!! And as for that review­er say­ing the crick­et ref­er­ence would not be under­stood by many Cornish people he clearly has no idea just how much crick­et is played in the county!! I under­stood the ref­er­ence per­fectly! I also recog­nised many of the char­ac­ter types in the story — tour­ists and loc­als alike!! Please write more com­edy like this — even though read­ing it in pub­lic meant I got some very weird looks!!

  4. Thanks for your kind words, Mt! I do plan to write more like this, though it seems at the moment that my sci­ence fic­tion is the more suc­cess­ful of the genres… I’ve based the char­ac­ter some­what on my memor­ies of grow­ing up in Cornwall (lived there until I was 18) and my exper­i­ence of selling ice-cream all over the places. Many of the more zany incid­ents in the book are based on real events (which makes me shud­der when I look back now!). Glad you enjoyed the book.

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