11 thoughts on “On Reviews: “This Book is Bloody Awful””

  1. Brilliant! Thanks, Michael. But what’s this – you haven’t broken the comments system? 🙂

  2. Great post Ian. And too true. Criticism stings, but it helps you grow as an author. It’s a harsh lesson to begin with …

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Matt. Got to suck it up and take the medicine! Particularly if it comes from an honest, paying customer.

  4. Criticism hurts but is necessary when it is true; as for critics, I agree with you, although I read them every bloody week!! Great post.

  5. I downloaded and read “Deja Vu” as a free ebook and thoroughly enjoyed it, even though I had some trouble keeping track of where (when) I was in the book. I attribute that trouble to myself rather than the author. I then had to purchase “Flashback” as I had to know what happened to Saskia. Now I’m on the hook waiting for the Amber Room, so when is the publish date? I haven’t enjoyed any books of this genre more since I read Creighton’s “Timeline” some years ago.

  6. Hi, DeWain – thanks for your kind words. Really glad you liked the books. The next one is on its way. I’m planning to get it properly proofed by the end of the month and will aim to release it for Xmas. I’m keeping an email list of interested parties who’ll get a note when it comes out. Shall I add you to the list?

  7. Sorry, I forgot to add that if you pop up a brief review for either, or both, of the books on the Kindle store, I’d really appreciate it, but no worries if not.

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