11 thoughts on “On Reviews: “This Book is Bloody Awful””

  1. Brilliant! Thanks, Michael. But what’s this — you haven’t broken the com­ments sys­tem? 🙂

  2. Great post Ian. And too true. Criticism stings, but it helps you grow as an author. It’s a harsh les­son to begin with …

  3. Thanks for stop­ping by, Matt. Got to suck it up and take the medi­cine! Particularly if it comes from an hon­est, pay­ing cus­tom­er.

  4. Criticism hurts but is neces­sary when it is true; as for crit­ics, I agree with you, although I read them every bloody week!! Great post.

  5. I down­loaded and read “Deja Vu” as a free ebook and thor­oughly enjoyed it, even though I had some trouble keep­ing track of where (when) I was in the book. I attrib­ute that trouble to myself rather than the author. I then had to pur­chase “Flashback” as I had to know what happened to Saskia. Now I’m on the hook wait­ing for the Amber Room, so when is the pub­lish date? I haven’t enjoyed any books of this genre more since I read Creighton’s “Timeline” some years ago.

  6. Hi, DeWain — thanks for your kind words. Really glad you liked the books. The next one is on its way. I’m plan­ning to get it prop­erly proofed by the end of the month and will aim to release it for Xmas. I’m keep­ing an email list of inter­ested parties who’ll get a note when it comes out. Shall I add you to the list?

  7. Sorry, I for­got to add that if you pop up a brief review for either, or both, of the books on the Kindle store, I’d really appre­ci­ate it, but no wor­ries if not.

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