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  1. I just popped over from Square Sunshine… interesting article as I’ve been looking at short story collections as eBooks … thanks for sharing the figures!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Clare. It’s worth getting the book out to as many ebook review sites as possible, particularly given that short fiction (as far as I can tell) doesn’t sell quite as well as longer form fiction on the Kindle.


  3. Hi Ian,
    Great post – wish you had a picture or something on here so I could pin this article to my writing board on Pinterest.  I think this would be helpful for people that want to learn more about online publishing via kindle.  It’s an odd concept for most to understand and the KDP option is a great selling point for new  authors, but they may not understand how this will work to their advantage.  I’ll check back another time -add the pin it to your blog if you can and maybe you’ll get more traffic.

  4. Thanks, Bea. Does the post itself need a picture? I tend not to do that on here.
    I’ll definitely think about adding a Pinterest gadget.

    Thanks for stopping by.


  5. Well, I’m one of those UK freebie buyers, but reading it in Belgium 😉
    Would it make you feel good that I immediately bought Flashback after that and just now, after finishing them both I one-clicked a Proper Job, without a taster and just a cursory glance over the reviews? I’m sure it will appeal to me, even when I’m not the LOL kind of person, ha!
    It was by adding a to-do list to my LoveIt (http://loveit.com/loves/P0B7B-0fSQMP4eM9AgVo3mk) (the youngest sibling of Pinterest I would say, the difference is that you can love straight from Facebook, but you can’t pin from FB yet), thinking of your books and looking for a link to add so people would know what I was talking about, that I came on your Twitter account and hence on this blog – talking about crosspollination 😀
    And after reading this blog post, I had to give you a pat across the pond, just to show you the word is spreading 😉

    Now hurry up with the third Saskia Brandt! Please 😉

  6. Thanks, Reinhilde – glad to hear you’ve got Flashback and Proper Job.

    I’ve been working on the third book today. It’s simmering nicely…


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