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  1. I just popped over from Square Sunshine… inter­est­ing art­icle as I’ve been look­ing at short story col­lec­tions as eBooks … thanks for shar­ing the fig­ures!

  2. Thanks for stop­ping by, Clare. It’s worth get­ting the book out to as many ebook review sites as pos­sible, par­tic­u­larly giv­en that short fic­tion (as far as I can tell) doesn’t sell quite as well as longer form fic­tion on the Kindle.


  3. Hi Ian,
    Great post — wish you had a pic­ture or some­thing on here so I could pin this art­icle to my writ­ing board on Pinterest.  I think this would be help­ful for people that want to learn more about online pub­lish­ing via kindle.  It’s an odd concept for most to under­stand and the KDP option is a great selling point for new  authors, but they may not under­stand how this will work to their advant­age.  I’ll check back anoth­er time -add the pin it to your blog if you can and maybe you’ll get more traffic.

  4. Thanks, Bea. Does the post itself need a pic­ture? I tend not to do that on here.
    I’ll def­in­itely think about adding a Pinterest gad­get.

    Thanks for stop­ping by.


  5. Well, I’m one of those UK free­bie buy­ers, but read­ing it in Belgium 😉
    Would it make you feel good that I imme­di­ately bought Flashback after that and just now, after fin­ish­ing them both I one-clicked a Proper Job, without a taster and just a curs­ory glance over the reviews? I’m sure it will appeal to me, even when I’m not the LOL kind of per­son, ha!
    It was by adding a to-do list to my LoveIt (http://loveit.com/loves/P0B7B-0fSQMP4eM9AgVo3mk) (the young­est sib­ling of Pinterest I would say, the dif­fer­ence is that you can love straight from Facebook, but you can’t pin from FB yet), think­ing of your books and look­ing for a link to add so people would know what I was talk­ing about, that I came on your Twitter account and hence on this blog — talk­ing about cross­pol­lin­a­tion 😀
    And after read­ing this blog post, I had to give you a pat across the pond, just to show you the word is spread­ing 😉

    Now hurry up with the third Saskia Brandt! Please 😉

  6. Thanks, Reinhilde — glad to hear you’ve got Flashback and Proper Job.

    I’ve been work­ing on the third book today. It’s sim­mer­ing nicely…


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