3 thoughts on “Wheat, Meet Chaff. Chaff, Meet Wheat.”

  1. Who says you need to give away away 75% of the rev­en­ues of your book, forever, to get pro­fes­sion­al cov­er design and copy­ed­it­ing? What mad­ness is this? Why would you give someone a per­cent­age of your earn­ings forever — nev­er mind an enorm­ous per­cent­age — for what is essen­tially day labour? When you have someone paint your house and land­scape your yard, do you give them 75% of the sale price of the house? (Or, worse, and more aptly, 75% of the rent­al rev­en­ue — into per­petu­ity?) Don’t you know you can hire the same freel­ance edit­ors and design­ers that the big pub­lish­ing houses rely upon for all this stuff — but pay them a reas­on­able, fixed rate… instead of selling them the rights to your work until 70 years after your nat­ur­al death? [Citation: I’m mainly just echo­ing J.A. Konrath and Dean Wesley Smith here.]

  2. Hey, Michael — Have I finally found a com­ment sys­tem that you can’t break? I kid 🙂 All agreed, and then some…

  3. Yes, it was a great pleas­ure and relief to post some­thing here and actu­ally have it appear.  8^)  About two seconds after doing so, though, I was sud­denly tor­tured by the pos­sib­il­ity that what I was reply­ing to was in fact one huge troll… Heigh ho, onward.

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