Déjà Vu Now Available in Paperback

Several months after begin­ning the pro­cess, my nov­el Déjà Vu is now avail­able in paper­back. It’s identic­al to the Kindle edi­tion (i.e. the second edi­tion). If you’re really keen on buy­ing a paper­back of the book, you’ll see a link to the paper­back on Déjà Vu’s Kindle page. Here is a dir­ect link.

Now, the paper­back costs £6.67 and the Kindle edi­tion costs 86p. I’d advise you to buy the Kindle edi­tion — and if you don’t have a Kindle, why not buy one? You’ll get access to free out-of-copy­right books and a grow­ing mar­ket­place of con­tem­por­ary fic­tion.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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