8 thoughts on “★ “I’m Shot! Is He Called Todt?””

  1. If I ever get round to writ­ing a nov­el, I will ensure that “Ooh-la-la”, “Hasta la vista” and “Mein Gott! Englischer Schweinhund!” all make appear­ances.

  2. Ian! Not read much/anything of yours since your/our UKA days (I went by the ima­gin­it­ive tag of KDR of there). I’m put­ting that right, hav­ing just bought Deja Vu and Flashback.
    Have to say I agree with your point on the (quite snobby) art­icle. It’s like the guy nev­er heard of codeswitch­ing or some­thing…
    But…you, get­ting German wrong? Tut, tut.

  3. It would indeed. It was some­thing I inten­ded to buy years back, when it was first out…but nev­er did. And since it was the first in a series…

    I’d heard you’d quit the writ­ing game and gone back to academia/the ‘day job’, though.

    Cheers for not point­ing out the typo in the first com­ment. 🙂
    Have to say my exper­i­ence of French (and German) was much the same as yours, though — walk out of the exam and…jettisoned.

  4. Weird to read a voice into the man my moth­er was going to marry, Harald Pagh, I only know him from pic­tures and have been puzzled by his dis­s­ap­pear­ence ever since my moth­er told me about the loss of the love of her life. How did you get to him?

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