4 thoughts on “So I signed up to a Russian evening class, Comrade”

  1. Wasn’t there someone who wrote a crit­ic­ally lauded (Booker/Orange long­listed?) nov­el a couple of years back, set in Canada, although she’d nev­er been there?

    And I don’t think Shakespeare ever went to Verona, Venice, Rome, Bohemia…

  2. Good point about the Shakespeare — but, then, he *was* Shakespeare. I do remem­ber the Canadian book — The Kindness of Wolves, or some­thing? — and thought the idea was a bit cheeky. Only a bit, though…

  3. Congrats on yet anoth­er nov­el, Ian.

    When I needed some Russian phrases for my nov­el, I turned both to a col­league who was flu­ent (of sorts) and a nat­ive Russian speak­er (who hur­riedly scribbled what I asked for). I recently got an email from a read­er who is a nat­ive Russian speak­er and they liked the book but were rather apalled by the Russian phras­ing. At least one snappy bit of dia­logue was apar­ently totally unpro­noun­cable. Glad I put the English trans­la­tion next to them — and also that my garbled attempts didn’t say any­thing too offens­ive. I guess that counts for some­thing.…..

  4. Thanks, James, much appre­ci­ated.

    That reminds me — there’s tonnes of Spanish/German in my nov­el and I don’t think I got it check by a nat­ive speak­er. I prob­ably should do that!


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