2 thoughts on “★ More Ebooks”

  1. Thanks for post­ing this, Ian. E-read­ers are very much at the fore­front of my thoughts right now. As a new own­er of an i-phone work­ing through Stanza and look­ing for a cheap aven­ue of digit­al self-pub­lish­ing this is very rel­ev­ant to me. I still think ded­ic­ated e-read­ers will only take off once the price issues are sor­ted out. Someone shelling out £200–300 for a device to read books on the go will either want more than just an e-read­er or they will want free books (which does the author no good at all).
    I reck­on a next gen­er­a­tion i-phone or tab­let may just tip the bal­ance but we’ll see.

    By the way, I’m typ­ing this on an i-phone while I’m on the bus. Hoorah for tech­no­logy!

  2. Blimey, Matt, you should get a prize! I’m not sure I’d post some­thing that long on my iPod Touch.

    It’s cer­tainly an inter­est­ing devel­op­ment — the ebook read­er, that is. But at the moment the ebook them­selves seem to render the books so poorly (in lay­out terms) that they’re annoy­ing the read. However, it could be that it’s only the older gen­er­a­tions who care about this.

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