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Regular readers – Dad, I’m talking to you – will have noticed that my blog disappeared for about two weeks last month.

Well, it’s back.

Apparently, somebody over at tripped over a plug, bungled the muffin That’s not an idiom. I made it up especially. or tried to force a square widget into a round doohickey. Why? Who can say.

They’ve resurrected my blog, which is nice. However, like the clumsy child who stumbles into the carousel of breakable nick-nacks in a seaside shop, have not been entirely successful in putting my blog back together in the order it enjoyed before event.

Any published text that contains a non-Latin character will no longer render correctly. Accent acutes and graves, for instance, come out as weird copyright symbols and such. As a author who wrote a book called Déjà Vu, this is a problem.

Never mind. There’s a new Dan Brown out tomorrow. I can always shoot myself.

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  1. I can diagnose that for you – your database is probably using a different character set to the one specified in wp-config.php thanks to their backup recovery process (I’ve had this happen before, many times). Might be worth Googling for solutions, if only to see whether the headaches will outweigh the value of a fix.

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