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Regular read­ers — Dad, I’m talk­ing to you — will have noticed that my blog dis­ap­peared for about two weeks last month.

Well, it’s back.

Apparently, some­body over at tripped over a plug, bungled the muffin That’s not an idiom. I made it up espe­cially. or tried to force a square wid­get into a round doo­hickey. Why? Who can say.

They’ve resur­rec­ted my blog, which is nice. However, like the clumsy child who stumbles into the carou­sel of break­able nick-nacks in a sea­side shop, have not been entirely suc­cess­ful in put­ting my blog back togeth­er in the order it enjoyed before event.

Any pub­lished text that con­tains a non-Latin char­ac­ter will no longer render cor­rectly. Accent acutes and graves, for instance, come out as weird copy­right sym­bols and such. As a author who wrote a book called Déjà Vu, this is a prob­lem.

Never mind. There’s a new Dan Brown out tomor­row. I can always shoot myself.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

One thought on “This Just In”

  1. I can dia­gnose that for you — your data­base is prob­ably using a dif­fer­ent char­ac­ter set to the one spe­cified in wp-config.php thanks to their backup recov­ery pro­cess (I’ve had this hap­pen before, many times). Might be worth Googling for solu­tions, if only to see wheth­er the head­aches will out­weigh the value of a fix.

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