★ My girlfriend on Three Counties Radio

Check out my clever girlfriend talking about her research into string pulling and cats on BBC Three Counties Radio. Be sure to listen to the very end, when you’ll find out the identity of her dream driving instructor.

[audio: http://ianhocking.com/Britta_three_counties_June_2009.mp3]

If the Flash player above isn’t working, you can access the audio file directly here: Britta on Three Counties.


Britta has just been interviewed for BBC Radio Kent.

[audio: http://ianhocking.com/Britta_radio_kent_June_2009.mp3]

Click here for the raw sound file.

And on BBC Radio Solent.

[audio: http://ianhocking.com/Britta_Radio_Solent_June_2009.mp3]

Click here for the raw sound file.

And here’s a video of the cats in action:


As of this moment, the Guardian article featuring the cat research is rated as ‘most read’ on the Guardian site. As ever, the comments contain plenty of trolling, idiocy, redundancy, misspelling, and the occasional sensible statement. Go, Web 2.0!


Peter Wedderburn, a vet blogging for the Telegraph, has this to say.


Under Scott Pack’s ongoing blog theme, “Is it just me or are all journalists shite?”, we can file this brief article in the Independent. Not only does the journalist, Kate Proctor, get the sex of my girlfriend wrong, she mis-reads several key facts.

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