★ My girlfriend on Three Counties Radio

Check out my clev­er girl­friend talk­ing about her research into string pulling and cats on BBC Three Counties Radio. Be sure to listen to the very end, when you’ll find out the iden­tity of her dream driv­ing instruct­or.

[audio: http://ianhocking.com/Britta_three_counties_June_2009.mp3]

If the Flash play­er above isn’t work­ing, you can access the audio file dir­ectly here: Britta on Three Counties.


Britta has just been inter­viewed for BBC Radio Kent.

[audio: http://ianhocking.com/Britta_radio_kent_June_2009.mp3]

Click here for the raw sound file.

And on BBC Radio Solent.

[audio: http://ianhocking.com/Britta_Radio_Solent_June_2009.mp3]

Click here for the raw sound file.

And here’s a video of the cats in action:


As of this moment, the Guardian art­icle fea­tur­ing the cat research is rated as ‘most read’ on the Guardian site. As ever, the com­ments con­tain plenty of trolling, idiocy, redund­ancy, mis­spelling, and the occa­sion­al sens­ible state­ment. Go, Web 2.0!


Peter Wedderburn, a vet blog­ging for the Telegraph, has this to say.


Under Scott Pack’s ongo­ing blog theme, “Is it just me or are all journ­al­ists shite?”, we can file this brief art­icle in the Independent. Not only does the journ­al­ist, Kate Proctor, get the sex of my girl­friend wrong, she mis-reads sev­er­al key facts.

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