2 thoughts on “★ Enough Velvet Rope to Strangle Yourself”

  1. Ian Hocking’s right. (I haven;t heard of him either, so we’re quits there.) There is no ‘In’ or ‘out’. Publishing is a busi­ness where you can make or lose a lot of money, andthat’s the lens through which pub­lish­ers look at any book they’re offered. Sometimes they get it right (although Bloomsbury prin­ted only a tent­at­ive 500 cop­ies of the first Harry Potter); some­times wrong — you need only look into any remainder shop to see stacks of very good books of which some eager pub­lish­er prin­ted far too many cop­ies and suffered for it. So I have no com­plaints if
    (as happened) a dozen London pub­lish­ers looked at my latest nov­el and said thanks but no thanks. Every new nov­el is a gamble — for me, for the read­er, for the pub­lish­er. In this case, I pub­lished it myself and gambled with my own money (sev­er­al hun­dred quid to the print­er,
    for starters). Will I break even? Will I end up with a heap of boxes of unsellable books in the gar­age? Who knows?
    Life is dan­ger­ous; that’s the only thing I know for sure.

  2. Hi, Derek — Thanks for stop­ping by. Now we both know each oth­er!

    I’ve hunch you’ll break even on this one. Best of luck.

    Life is dan­ger­ous; that’s the only thing I know for sure.”

    Amen, broth­er.

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