How to Talk to a Professor

Michael Leddy, over at Orange Crate Art, has some great tips for stu­dents on how to approach a pro­fess­or. Being US-based, there will be dif­fer­ences for UK stu­dents. Don’t call someone a pro­fess­or unless they really are a pro­fess­or — oth­er­wise they’ll think you’re tak­ing the piss.

Some of my best col­lege memor­ies are of talk­ing with my pro­fess­ors in their offices. I was a shy kid (still am!), and I treas­ured the chance to ask ques­tions and try out ideas dur­ing office hours. Sitting with my coat and books piled on the floor, I found my way into the pos­sib­il­it­ies of genu­ine intel­lec­tu­al dia­logue. You can do that too.

Orange Crate Art: How to talk to a pro­fess­or

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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