2 thoughts on “Cory Doctorow on the Amazon Kindle’s Text-to-Speech Feature”

  1. I listened to samples of Kindle’s text to speech func­tion on Youtube. It was bet­ter than the Stephen Hawking I was expect­ing, but still not exactly a real threat to audiobooks. Is there a UK equi­val­ent to the Author’s Guild and are they as short sighted? When the Kindle comes to UK we will pre­sum­ably get the same crippled ver­sion. Or maybe author’s “waivers” will be inter­na­tion­al.

  2. Thanks for your com­ment, Bytor. I hon­estly don’t know what the situ­ation is about this in the UK, but I think we’d prob­ably fol­low the US lead on this one.

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