The Ethics of Used Books

David Isaak, author of Shock and Awe, has this to say about buy­ing used paper­backs instead of new books for which an author receives a roy­alty:

I find this too be a gray area, not only eth­ic­ally, but in terms of my own pref­er­ences. To put it simply, more money is good…but more read­ers is even bet­ter, and I’m not sure where the trade-off lies.

In the long run, I think any author wants his or her books to be read. This will be par­tic­u­larly true of authors who sell few books. If you’re selling by the cart load, you’ve prob­ably mak­ing enough money not to worry about that second­hand 10% or so.

TOMORROWVILLE: The Ethics of Used Books

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

2 thoughts on “The Ethics of Used Books”

  1. True indeed. The irony of the situ­ation is that while they admit­tedly need the money less, they also need the expos­ure far less!

    To those that hath shall be giv­en, I sup­pose.

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