Roof Whirl Away by Tom Saunders

Some four years ago, I reviewed the first short story collection of m’colleague Tom Saunders over at Spike Magazine. That was plain naughty, because our books were published by the same house, but I liked the stories so much that I had to write the review. Tom is not the kind of writer you’ll in the pages of a literary chat sheetMeow. (And yet purr.) because he devotes his energies full time to his stories. It shows.

I’m happy to report that m’t’other colleague Roger Morris has reviewed Tom’s latest short fiction collection Roof Whirl Away over at WriteWords.

Overall, what impresses most is the sheer range. Saunders is able to enter into the lives of his diverse characters, from a king’s favourite dwarf to an alien life form, with great compassion and commitment.

Roof Whirl Away by Tom Saunders

Coda: Check out this interview with Tom.

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