Roger Morris: On the Page and in your Ears

My read­ing life has been trans­formed by the dis­cov­ery of audiobooks. There’s noth­ing quite like hav­ing a tal­en­ted act­or per­form a text. I pleased to announce, then, that Roger Morris’s book A Vengeful LongingDisclosure: I haven’t read any of Roger’s St Petersburg nov­els because I’m writ­ing (edit­ing, rather) my own. But I have read his excel­lent Taking Comfort and thor­oughly enjoyed it. is avail­able in audio format.

In oth­er news, Roger has fin­ished the latest Porfiry Petrovich nov­el — A Razor Wrapped in Silk — and jot­ted down some thoughts on the feel­ing one gets when fin­ish­ing a nov­el.

But it’s a great feel­ing, fin­ish­ing the first draft. You feel a sense of achieve­ment, espe­cially when it’s prin­ted out and you can actu­ally look at and heft it. From the moment you type the last word, know­ing it is the last word, the ela­tion kicks in. And also the relief. I really did feel like a weight had been lif­ted off my shoulders (that pesky cat again?). My whole body unhunched. My gait opened up. There was a spring in my step.

I think many writers must feel the same way upon a book’s com­ple­tion. For my part, there’s a mix­ture of relief (that I can still do it), excite­ment (how far will the book go towards being as good as it was in my ima­gin­a­tion?), aim­less­ness (what am I going to do now?) and a strange spe­cies of home­sick­ness for a place I nev­er phys­ic­ally went to.

More about Roger’s book, and the cat, here.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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