Roger Morris: On the Page and in your Ears

My reading life has been transformed by the discovery of audiobooks. There’s nothing quite like having a talented actor perform a text. I pleased to announce, then, that Roger Morris‘s book A Vengeful LongingDisclosure: I haven’t read any of Roger’s St Petersburg novels because I’m writing (editing, rather) my own. But I have read his excellent Taking Comfort and thoroughly enjoyed it. is available in audio format.

In other news, Roger has finished the latest Porfiry Petrovich novel – A Razor Wrapped in Silk – and jotted down some thoughts on the feeling one gets when finishing a novel.

But it’s a great feeling, finishing the first draft. You feel a sense of achievement, especially when it’s printed out and you can actually look at and heft it. From the moment you type the last word, knowing it is the last word, the elation kicks in. And also the relief. I really did feel like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders (that pesky cat again?). My whole body unhunched. My gait opened up. There was a spring in my step.

I think many writers must feel the same way upon a book’s completion. For my part, there’s a mixture of relief (that I can still do it), excitement (how far will the book go towards being as good as it was in my imagination?), aimlessness (what am I going to do now?) and a strange species of homesickness for a place I never physically went to.

More about Roger’s book, and the cat, here.

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