NetNewsWire Locations for iPhone and iPod Touch

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a large number of RSS feeds. Viewing updates is hard enough on a desktop computer and sometimes impossible on a handheld device like the iPod Touch. A couple of days back, I came across a tip (via Daring Fireball) that can help with handling that volume of RSS.

This tip works for RSS readers that synchronise using the Newsgator service. NetNewsWire, the reader on my Mac, does this, and verily the iPhone/iPod Touch application also syncs via Newsgator.

The trick is to configure the location profile for your iPod Touch. Go over to the Newsgator site, sign in, and select the ‘location’ assigned to your iPod Touch. (NewNetsWire on your iPod Touch automatically creates a location called NNW iPhone/iPod.) Now select those crucial feeds you want to read on the go. Et voila. You have reduced lists of feeds on your iPod Touch, but the read/unread status of the feeds will remained synchronised with your desktop computer. ‘NetNewsWire for iPhone tip — not showing certain feeds’

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