2 thoughts on “★ The Tale of Russell T. Davies”

  1. Great post, you have encapsulated the old and the new of Dr Who very well. I bought this book for my younger daughter for Christmas (I think I mentioned this to you via twitter actually, so sorry for the repeat). She adored it, I could not drag her away for 2 days, despite the fact that she also received Wii Guitar Hero and the DVD of Wild Child for xmas. Interestingly, she does not have any interest in any other Dr Who spinoff books, annuals, etc, only this one. Karen of Euro Crime also liked this book (eurocrime.co.uk) – she often posts Dr Who related material on the Euro Crime blog – nice crossover effect!

  2. Oh, yes, I remember your tweet, Maxine. I got very antisocial when I was reading it, too. The book is an incredible mixture of insight and gossip. Glad your daughter liked it!

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