2 thoughts on “★ The Tale of Russell T. Davies”

  1. Great post, you have encap­su­lated the old and the new of Dr Who very well. I bought this book for my young­er daugh­ter for Christmas (I think I men­tioned this to you via twit­ter actu­ally, so sorry for the repeat). She adored it, I could not drag her away for 2 days, des­pite the fact that she also received Wii Guitar Hero and the DVD of Wild Child for xmas. Interestingly, she does not have any interest in any oth­er Dr Who spinoff books, annu­als, etc, only this one. Karen of Euro Crime also liked this book (eurocrime.co.uk) — she often posts Dr Who related mater­i­al on the Euro Crime blog — nice cros­sov­er effect!

  2. Oh, yes, I remem­ber your tweet, Maxine. I got very anti­so­cial when I was read­ing it, too. The book is an incred­ible mix­ture of insight and gos­sip. Glad your daugh­ter liked it!

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