Blogging with the Stars

I’ve been hibern­at­ing over the winter. To be spe­cif­ic, I’ve been mark­ing assign­ments. There was no time for updat­ing this blog. But when I say ‘no time for updat­ing’, I mean I had no time to write longish art­icles. There was cer­tainly time to write short­er ones.

This morn­ing, I had an idea. Maybe two.

When I write a long art­icle, I will put a ? in its title. This will tell you/warn you that the art­icle goes into a top­ic in some depth. When I write a short one, there will be no star.

This meth­od is some­what stolen from John Gruber, the author of a Mac site called Daring Fireball. He doesn’t use the ? to demarc­ate the long from the short. It indic­ates a permalink. But I thought the ?s sure looked pretty.

I’m going to expand the scope of this blog some­what, too. Over the years, I’ve focused on the cre­at­ive pro­cess, which is well and good when I’m cre­at­ing some­thing. But when I’m not, I don’t have any­thing to write about. So I’ll try to blog about my oth­er interests too.

Oh, Jeebus, might this be This Writing Life 2.0?

Cue the per­petu­al beta.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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