Déjà Vu: Special Edition

This will be a short post because I’m knackered. I just wanted to write that, following an explosion of swearing, spittle and pinching my cheeks with rage, there is now – finally – a special edition of my first book Déjà Vu available to buy via the good folks at Lulu.com. It’s taken a long time. I know; this is publishing. The cover is somewhat Spartan. I know; I knocked it up in PowerPoint.

But this edition contains an exclusive illustration by Pia Guerra and has been lovingly reworked in a Bladerunner/Ridley Scott kinda way (actually, the metaphor isn’t so far from the truth.)

So there is a long and involved story behind this edition. I’m not going to tell it right now. I just want to write this: If you’d like a copy in time for Christmas, it’s possible that it might arrive if you bought it now. And this: The royalty – which is one pound for each copy – will go to a local homeless charity in Canterbury that needs the cash.

Over the years, there haven’t been hundreds of people asking me where they can get a copy of Déjà Vu, but there have been a few. I hope this edition fills a gap. It’s cheap; it’s an improvement on the original in lots of ways, and contains that excellent Pia Guerra illustration. What are ye waiting for, m’hearties?

I will now go and put a cold beer bottle against my forehead.

I may even drink it.

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  1. Thanks, John! This special edition is a bit of a stop gap just to keep the book in print. My agent will be (and is) taking my other books around traditional publishers, so we’ll see how that goes…Thanks again for your comment.

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