So this will be two posts in a row about the author Caroline SmailesCaroline, if you’re read­ing this, could you please put an apo­strophe after your name in the title of your web­site? It’s mak­ing me very tense., which is tan­tamount to cyber stalk­ing, but I’ve dis­covered that Caroline (and her hus­band, Gary, him­self an author) provides an online ment­or­ing and ‘word pol­ish­ing’ ser­vice over at BubbleCow.

Now, online copy­ed­it­ing and proofread­ing ser­vices are ten a penny, but BubbleCow seems to offer an addi­tion­al ment­or­ing ser­vice where writers can get closer atten­tion. That’s worth check­ing out. There’s a blog, too.

I feel I must end this entry with an apo­logy for the infre­quent updates to the blog. The new aca­dem­ic term has hit me in the face like a buck­et of cold water (not the water, the buck­et) and I’m spend­ing vir­tu­ally all my time (i) pre­par­ing to teach, (ii) teach­ing, and (iii) drib­bling. No writ­ing is get­ting done.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

3 thoughts on “BubbleCow”

  1. Well, if you are offer­ing copy­ed­it­ing (subedit­ing I call it) ser­vices, you have to get your apo­strophes right. (Apostrophe’s right — not!)

  2. True, Maxine, though I don’t think Caroline was aware of it (the text appears as the title of the browser win­dow rather than any text on the site itself).

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