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  1. He’s a major favourite over at Euro Crime. I’ve read two of his previous, Redbreast and Devil’s Star. Criminal that they are published in translation out of alphabetical order as it really ruins some of the impact.
    I have already entered a Euro Crime competition to win a copy of Nemesis and I have a feeling I’ll be successful, so I’ll pass this time – but your winners are I think in for a very absorbing reading experience.

  2. Hmm, bit odd that they’re being published out of sequence.

    I’m just beginning to read Nemesis. Has a pretty good start; we’ll see how it goes.

  3. I’d be interested in a copy of Nemesis. I’ve read some Sewdish thrillers – Sjowall & Wahloo, Henning Mankell, and I’d like to see what the Norwegians have to offer.

  4. [Re-posting Marco’s comment]

    Is it only for the U.K.? I live in Italy.
    Would love to read it,in fact I would already have bought it had I not also entered the Eurocrime competition.
    Strange as it seems,publishing out of order is a common practice-it happens here also,and it happened for one of my favourite Italian authors when he was translated into English.
    I suppose the reason is the desire to start with the “stronger” (or rather,better marketable) books in order to hook the readers,but in the case of ongoing series it’s very annoying.

  5. Yes, it’s a bit strange that the published are being published out of order. I’ll send your address to Random House – hopefully they don’t mind sending something out to Italy.

  6. I had the good fortune to read Jo Nesbo’s book in uncorrected proof format (I have a great connection at a local indi book store) and cannot stop telling people about Nesbo and his writing. I would love to have a free copy of the book but since I’ve already read it, hopefully you will find others to place a comment here, get a free copy and find out how good Jo Nesbo is. I liked the rhythm of his writing, his way of weaving surroundings into his writing without dwelling too much on the scene and his characters. Just a good read that I recommend. As someone who also writes mysteries, I am always looking for authors from whom I can learn. Nesbo is one I will study.

  7. While some time has past since this thread was started. But, I must say that I have read all of Jo Nesbo’s Harry Hole books publish in America and hope to read them soon in Norwegian

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