2 thoughts on “Jackson to write The Hobbit screenplay”

  1. I read a report of this in Guardian Unlimited, and felt the oppos­ite, I have to say. Two films’ worth of The Hobbit, when there’s only one smallish book? Apparently the second film might con­cen­trate on Gandalf, or Aragon, set in the years before LOTR. In oth­er words, a lot of made up stuff that Jackson will bulk out with slo mo.

    God save us from more slo mo. I swear if you removed the slo mo from The Return of the King there would be a 120 minute film in there that was actu­ally pretty good.

    I real­ise I might be alone in this view­point. I’ll go away now.

  2. God save us from more slo mo.


    I think Jackson did a fairly good job of the films (i.e. his judi­cious fold­ing of cer­tain plot points), but you’re right — the third one did have a lot of slo-mo. And Elija Wood seemed to do little more than stare at the ring in his hand.

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