2 thoughts on “Jackson to write The Hobbit screenplay”

  1. I read a report of this in Guardian Unlimited, and felt the opposite, I have to say. Two films’ worth of The Hobbit, when there’s only one smallish book? Apparently the second film might concentrate on Gandalf, or Aragon, set in the years before LOTR. In other words, a lot of made up stuff that Jackson will bulk out with slo mo.

    God save us from more slo mo. I swear if you removed the slo mo from The Return of the King there would be a 120 minute film in there that was actually pretty good.

    I realise I might be alone in this viewpoint. I’ll go away now.

  2. God save us from more slo mo.


    I think Jackson did a fairly good job of the films (i.e. his judicious folding of certain plot points), but you’re right – the third one did have a lot of slo-mo. And Elija Wood seemed to do little more than stare at the ring in his hand.

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